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Close up of a stone wall

Well-built garden walls

Garden walls are the essential finishing touch that makes a garden look complete, and London Garden Landscapes in Broxbourne is the team to call for the job. We complete projects across London and Hertfordshire.

Attractive and decorative walls

Garden walls are always there to serve a purpose, whether that’s marking the boundary, separating different levels on a slope, or creating a raised bed. Whatever the purpose, however, they don’t need to be purely functional! By choosing the right style, material, and design, a garden wall can be an attractive feature of your garden, complementing the style of your property.


London Garden Landscapes can help you to decide on the perfect design for your new garden wall, before supplying all the necessary materials and constructing the wall. We’ll work quickly and efficiently, and we’ll make sure the job is finished to your complete satisfaction. If you want an attractive and well-built garden wall, get in touch with the team today.

Ornamental garden with stone wall
Abstract garden wall

Boundary walls

Disputes over garden boundaries can often cause friction between neighbours, so ensuring that the boundary between your property and next door is clearly marked matters. Perhaps the most visually appealing and lasting way to do this is with a boundary wall. Lasting longer than fences and being less likely to suffer damage due to poor weather, a wall is a great choice for marking the boundary.


We can install a boundary wall at a very competitive price, making sure that both you and your neighbour have a clear marker for where your property ends and theirs begins. To get a free, no obligation quote for a boundary wall installation, please give our Broxbourne office a call today.

Retaining walls and raised beds

Is your property on a slope? If so, then you may find that your garden is difficult to make the most of – after all, a sloping lawn isn’t a great place to relax, or for the kids to play! The most effective way to combat this issue is with a retaining wall that is designed to contain earth within a specific area of your garden, allowing it to form a level surface that’s ideal for a lawn or patio. We have the experience to design and install a safe and solid retaining wall.


Another popular use of retaining walls in a garden is the creation of raised beds, something that forms a lovely focal point for you to enjoy. We can build raised beds that look great and offer something special for your garden. If you’d like to know more, please call us today.

Landscaped garden
Grass Texture

Garden walls installed in London and Hertfordshire. Call now.
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