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wash water drainage

Reliable drainage services

The team at London Garden Landscapes in Broxbourne can deal with your drains! If you’re having drainage problems in London or Hertfordshire, let us know, and we’ll get things sorted, quickly and effectively.

Drain unblocking

It’s a fact of life that things don’t always work the way they’re supposed to indefinitely, and drains are no exception to the rule. Clogged or blocked drains are a problem that most of us will be faced with sooner or later, and when it happens, you’ll want to have a team available to get things flowing freely again as quickly as possible – after all, the mess from a blocked drain is always unpleasant!


London Garden Landscapes can be on-site promptly to deal with the problem. We’ll get to work straight away, breaking up the blockage and removing the debris that caused it quickly and efficiently. As soon as your drain is draining properly, we’ll get out of your way and leave you to get on with your day without a messy and unpleasant blocked drain!

Manhole cover on a lawn
Person fixing a drain outside

Drain repairs

Sometimes the problem goes beyond a simple blockage in your drains, and then it’s time for our team to get to work on diagnosing the cause. A damaged drain can really spoil your day, but not when we’re there to get it put right. We can carry out a range of drain repair work that will get to the root cause of the issue, deal with it, and put things right as quickly as possible.


If you need drain repairs in Hertfordshire or London, get in touch with us. We’ll be happy to help, and we aim to offer a fast, responsive service that is always competitively priced. Why not call the team now for a free quote?

Water leaks

Is there water somewhere that there shouldn’t be? Or no water where there should be? You may have a leak! If so, then it’s time to call in a team of professionals, and London Garden Landscapes is here to help. We can trace the leak to find where the problem is, then get to work on repairing the damage that has caused it.


We work fast and efficiently in order to minimise the damage caused by the leak as well as the disruption that having a drainage team on your property can cause. We want to get the job done as quickly as possible and leave you to carry on with your daily routine. If that’s what you want too, then give us a call.

Builders installing water pipes
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Call the drainage team at London Garden Landscapes in Broxbourne.
07951 622430  /  01992 441185

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